frequently asked questions

What can I expect my first visit?


Brief Physical Exam

Urine Drug Screen

Same Day Prescription

What are my responsibilities as a patient?

Be on time for all appointments.

Be honest and open about your struggles.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

New patient fee is $240 and  covers the cost of your first 2 visits.

Each follow up visit is $120 

Visits start at twice a month and then go to monthly once your medications are stable.

Can I be in a Medication-Assisted Treatment program if I am pregnant?

 Yes, pregnant women can be prescribed certain medications to control their Substance Abuse Disorder. Arizona Recovery center will work with your OB/GYN for the well being of both mom and baby. 

Can I switch from Methadone to Buprenorphine?

In most cases, yes. Please work with your current methadone provider to wean down to a  30  mg maintenance dose before making an appointment. You must be weaned off methadone completely before starting buprenorphine.

Does Arizona Recovery Center take my insurance?

ARC is in network with some insurances and with Medicare. Please call for details. You are provided with an invoice after service and most insurance company allow for reimbursements after seeing an out of network provider.